Masks and soothes acne. Contains shikimic acid, salicylic acid and tea tree oil. Antibacterial.

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Eliminator of imperfections

Spot preparation that effectively reduces imperfections and acne lesions. With the addition of shikimic acid, salicylic acid, zinc oxide and tea tree oil with a normalizing and astringent effect.

How to use:

We recommend to apply directly after cleansing treatment to protect and dry changes. To be applied to problem spots and areas twice daily, also under the make-up

Zinc Oxide 150 mg/g, Shikimic Acid 10 mg/g, Salicylic Acid 5 mg/g

15 ml

About Acne Out Therapy

Therapy for oily, mixed, contaminated and acne-prone skin. contains multifunctional shikimic acid regulates the level of sebum, bacterial flora and exfoliation process. As an inhibitor of lipase activity, it affects the composition
of sebum and has a deodorizing effect. Shikimic acid shows an exfoliating effect, even in low concentrations, preferably affects the unblocking of clogged sebaceous glands. Synergistic action with salicylic acid
reduces the formation of new acne eruptions. Addition Affipore™ – Barosma betulin leaf extract, reduces skin shine and narrows pores.

»oily and combination skin
»enlarged pores
»congested skin
»skin undergoing anti-acne treatment


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