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A complete starter pack for anti-ageing!

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The Anti-Ageing Starter Pack includes:

Soft Clean Powder 50ml

Exceptionally gentle powder for cleansing sensitive and delicate skin and skin irritated with chemical peel treatments or excessive sun exposure. Biocompatible, natural, hypoallergic formula containing an amino-acid compound, powdered aloe, allantoin and natural sugars for combined soothing, hydrating and softening effect. Salicylic acid clears the pores and removes epidermal buildup, and lemon extract has antioxidant and brightening qualities. Leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Reti Fusion cream 50ml

Cream is recommended with complex rejuvenating and care of mature skin. 0,3% Retinol concentration, ferulic acid and Vitamins E and C guarantee to fight all sings of skin aging. Has SPF 15 filter, which provides extra care against radiation. Provides perfect protection after treatments and quickly absorbs. Perfect under make-up

Post Treat Solution 200ml

Specialist soothing solution with aloe vera and plant extract from arnica, centella asiatica, chamomile, liquorice, Chinese tea, Japanese knotweed, rosemary and scutellaria baicalensis. Formulated for dry and irritated skin, and as a follow-up to dermoaesthetic treatments such as mesotherapy and chemical peels, or to soothe skin irritated with excessive sun exposure. A perfect holiday take-along. Recommended for use along with Soft Clean Powder and Post Treat Gel.

V-Shape Mask

Special mask modeling and improving the oval in the ” V ” area. It contains valuable extracts of rice, pomegranate, Rhodiola rosea, and hyaluronic acid, which work rejuvenating and smoothing . The special design mask stimulates the lower part of the face, which significantly improves its contour, and the skin is tighter and smoothed.


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