Innovative dermoaesthetic elixir with a novelty neuropeptide XEP ™ -018 in shock concentration of 5%.

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Bo2Look Elixir

Active formula of serum containing 5% concentration of XEP-018 neuro peptide with the immediate botox-like effect shallows the deepest mimic wrinkles (“lion’s wrinkle”, transverse wrinkles, “crow’s feet”, lines above
the lips).

XEP™- 018 50 mg/g, Hyaluronic acid 20 mg/g

» maximum 5% of neuropeptide
» active formula
» elixir for local application to the area of mimic wrinkles (“lion’s wrinkle”, transverse wrinkles across the forehead, “crow’s feet”)

» intense home therapy smoothing wrinkles (botox-like)
» anti-mimic wrinkles effects
» application between botulinum injections – prolonging the effects, delaying the next
» recommended using twice a day

20 ml



About Peptide Pro Age Therapy

Peptide Pro Age Therapy is a hybrid combination of dermocosmetics based on biomimetic peptides – one of the most effective substances inhibiting the processes of chronological aging.
Highly concentrated effective formulas with proven effect support an active anti-aging effects and fight with all signs of aging: gravity and mimic wrinkles, disorders of face shape and loss of firmness. The line is both a
perfect alternative for esthetic treatments as well as enhancement and prolonging of their effects.

»loss of firmness
»disorders of face shape
»mimic and gravity wrinkles, furrows
»drooping lid
»anti-mimic wrinkles effects
»skin requiring nourishing
»grey, tired, stressed skin
»first signs of aging


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