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3D Lip Therapy provides cumulative action of ha- filler
and lipo filler.

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• very quickly removes dead skin-cells
• oxygenates, stimulates circulation and improves the color
• rich in natural oils with a nutritional and regenerating effect
• two-phase oxygen and mechanical peeling
• 1 oxygenation phase – hydrogen peroxide 3%
• 2 phase of exfoliation – rice and cranberry particles
NOTE the product after application can give tingling effect with
the reaction of oxygen molecules.

• before the mask 3D Lip Mask
• regularly 1 x a week
• 2-3 days before lip filling and permanent make-up
• 2 weeks after the filling procedure and 4 weeks after
the permanent make-up procedure


shea butter, almond and macadamia oils, vitamins A and E, hydrogen
peroxide, kiwi extract


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