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unique formula smoothing wrinkles around the neck

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The innovative rejuvenating and caring therapy for the skin of the neck, whose effects are visible after only 3 weeks.
The therapy concentrates on both the shallowing of visible furrows and deep wrinkles associated with the aging process, as well as preventing changes in the formation of the “technical neck”. It is the therapy that eliminates the visibility of “Venus bands” wrinkles and “turkey neck” caused by improper position while working at the computer, during sleep, while using a smartphone or reading. These symptoms are also intensified by anatomy: specific system of platysma muscle and its mimic character make the skin prone to laxity and structural disorder. It becomes thin and folded (“crepey skin”). The professional therapy consists of a 3-stage therapy program, an element of which is the original massage relaxing muscle tension, followed by strong stimulation, smoothing of wrinkles and improvement of skin structure.

17% of active substances: Majestem™, Prodizia™, glycoxanthin, Fucocert,
Inca Inchi oil, cocoa butter, squalene, reflexive pigment

unique formula smoothing wrinkles around the neck
“soft focus effect” – optical smoothing and shallowing of wrinkles
improvement of skin tone



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