Essential night mask with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E, C

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Essential night mask with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E, C

Treat your skin to your weekly anti-wrinkle treatment at home

A mask with a high concentration of active vector retinol – Vecticell® Retinol, a complex of vitamins A, E and C Vecticell® AEC and ferulic acid. Ferulic Acid guarantees molecular rejuvenation and actively prevents skin aging. The active ingredients contained in the mask gradually release during sleep. Vitamin E provides a double, multi-level effect. This is an excellent treatment for mature skin. It also works for younger women as anti-aging prophylaxis. It provides comprehensive skin preparation for Reti Fusion® Vecti⁺ Peel treatment and enhances the effects of the treatment.


Every evening after removing skin makeup. When applying the mask, we recommend a gentle massage that stimulates circulation. Excess product can be left overnight for complete absorption.



About Reti Vecti Therapy

When creating Reti Fusion® Vecti+ Therapy ARKANA used an innovative concept of fusion of retinol with vitamins and skin cells. It became possible thanks to the application of modern biotechnological solutions –
Vecticell® vector carriers. Their nanosize and structure similar to the structure of skin cells allow retinol and vitamins A, E and C to be transported to the layers of the epidermis and dermis. The fusion of a cell with a
carrier enables gradual release of active substances directly to the cells for many hours, which increases their absorption by 89%. For home care it provides an innovative approach to the use of retinol in the form of a day product
and specialist intense night product.

»mature skin
»anti-aging prevention
»first signs of aging




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