This highly concentrated elixir contains transformable hyaluronic acid enclosed in special carriers transporting the acid to the deep layers of the skin.

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Transform HA® Elixir

Elixir with transformable hyaluronic acid

Concentrated formula is based on  a combination of transformable hyaluronic acid with hydroxyapatite. Hyaluronic acid binds water giving the effect of filling wrinkles and improving skin density.
The skin is tense and moisturized.

Recommended usage Best used 1-2 times a day in combination with Transform HA Filler, also for the eyes area.

12% active substances: hyaluronic acid in carriers, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, argan oil



About Transform HA Therapy

Transform HA® Therapy in its new version provides even greater strength and efficiency of dermofiller penetration. The combination of two unique ingredients allows for faster and longer-lasting effects
of the therapy. Vecticell™ HA is a new generation innovative 3kda hyaluronic acid encapsulated in flexible, deformable carriers. Their extremely small size and deformable membrane make the hyaluronic acid penetrate
the epidermal barrier, reaching the dermis. There, it binds water for a long time and gives the effect of deep moisturizing, increasing skin density and filling wrinkles. The second active ingredient: Hydroxyapatite,
guarantees a “soft-focus effect”, optically giving the impression of shallowing wrinkles. This substance is also a natural filter that protects against solar radiation. In addition, in contact with the skin, under the influence of
its slightly acidic pH, it releases calcium ions that affect the regenerative and repair processes and the formation of new cells in the skin.
»mature skin with wrinkles
»dry skin with a lack of moisture
»flabby skin with loss of density
»after dermoesthetic treatments