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Arkana shares its innovation in online cosmetics from 2011. Since that time the company is continually developing and innovating. Many years of experience, expertise in the field of biotechnology and innovative active ingredients make Arkana to propose a new dimension of conscious care. Visible, spectacular effects area visible proof.

Arkana is a modern online cosmetics brand offering products of future which combine innovation and medical effectiveness. Basing on the expert knowledge and experience as well as following the worlds’ trends in the cosmetic industry, we have been creating the products that are unique on the market. Spectacular effects are a visible proof.

Arkana’s innovative approach bases on neurotransmitters as the highest level of cosmetology. This neuro-philosophy guarantees unique and effective treatments on the beauty market.

We offer more than 200 online products in 21 online cosmetics lines based on over 70 original cosmetic formulas with the highest concentration of selected active ingredients.

Arkana neurocosmetics do not contain any artificial additives or improving agents such as substances of animal origin, petroleum derivatives, irritating detergents and parabens. A perfect composition of innovative and active substances makes them biocompatible with the needs of the most demanding skin types.

Twice a year Arkana releases revolutionary novelty. Present on the international market for 7 years, the company is still dynamically growing and providing products of the highest quality and efficiency.

Arkana takes inspiration for unique ingredients of their cosmetics from satisfaction of Clients and Partners both in Poland and abroad. They are open for cosmetic worldwide news, they carefully follow them and initiate themselves. Carefully selected ingredients reach deeper skin layers, thanks to which Arkana products works on cellular level.

As a first company in Poland Arkana introduced peptide Progeline™ which was an international innovation among active ingredients in 2012. Successes like that give Arkana motivation to give Clients new products, which thanks to concentrated active substances will ensure fast and lasting effects, and visible victory in the fight with running time.

Arkana Cosmetics does NOT Test on Animals!


We are the exclusive distributor of professional cosmetics Arkana in the UK. We specialize in comprehensive professional beauty salons and individual clients.

We have an attractive commercial offer, which is gradually expanding. Our range of products include: care cosmetics for face and body, hands, feet and cosmetic devices.

Our company is very active in the UK already for more than seven years and the good quality and brand products sold are acknowledged by both Polish and English recipient. In our training center in Slough we hold training courses, organize beauty shows with new line cosmetics that are gradually introduced by Arkana. Our collaborators are at your disposal to share with you about professional information, advice and business merits. We propose interesting promotions and testify reliable service.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us by phone or email. We will provide free catalogs, samples of our products and other marketing materials.

Meet our team




Malgosia is the founder and manager, who specializes in instructing beauty courses and beauty shows.



Manager & Admin

Jerzy is the manager, who ensures all orders are received and sent in the best standards possible. He handles the needs of our clients.




Natalia is our marketing specialist, managing all our offers, news, social media and marketing materials.

Agata S


Agata is our distributor, who delivers our products to clients around the UK. She is also one of our Instructors and advisors.


Agata G


Agata is our distributor, who delivers our products to clients in Scotland. She is also one of our Instructors and advisors.




Ela is a highly qualified Beauty Therapist, Arkana Beauty Instructor and our Consultant who will help you with anything Arkana & Beauty Related.