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EXO Nutri Power: Prebiotic Dietary Exosome Supplement for Skin Rejuvenation

Supports Gut Microbiome | Stimulates Collagen Production | 30 Capsules


EXO Power Serum: Powerful Regenerative Exosome Serum

Stimulates Collagen & Elastin Production | Hyaluronic Acid for Instant Hydration | Ideal for Mature Skin | 30ml


EXO Skin Control: Strengthening Exosome Serum Targeted for Challenging Skin

Stimulates Renewal, Firms, and Protects | Intelligent Microbiome Modulator | Reduces Inflammation and Regulates Sebum | 30ml


What makes exosomal skin modulation different

from other therapies?

» The most effective and advanced aesthetic therapy

» Based on exosomes – cell messengers of small size for profound skin penetration

» Extreme restructuring and revitalisation of the skin

» Noticeably firmer and more elastic skin after just one treatment

» Accelerated skin healing and regeneration, three times faster

» Nobel Prize Winning research on active ingredients