A modern neurocosmetics brand for professional and home skin care.

Your skin. care. story.

Neurocosmetics suitable for safe and effective at-home skin care.
More than 100 products in 18 lines based on over 80 original formulas.
The highest concentration of selected active ingredients.

Discover Arkana UK neurocosmetics ­– the future of effective skin care!

Our cosmetics are cruelty-free

No parabens, SLS, silicone, or paraffin

A blend of science and nature

Fully recyclable packaging

Eco-responsible Certification

Arkana Bestsellers

New Arrivals

Arkana was born out of a quest to find cosmetic ingredients and formulas that actively work on the skin.

Like most amazing things, this one is inspired by people and created for people.

cosmetic lines
years on the market
original formulas
patented active substances

Future of effective skin care

In 2016, we introduced an entirely new field in professional cosmetics – neurocosmetics. This innovative approach is based on neurotransmitters as the highest level of cosmetology.

Twice a year, Arkana releases revolutionary products dedicated to home and professional skin care therapies.

Safe for you – and the planet

We promote sustainable growth and a responsible approach to the production of cosmetics – with care for the ecosystem.

Our products are safe for the skin and the environment, and the packaging used is fully recyclable. Moreover, they do not contain parabens, SLS, silicone, paraffin and are not tested on animals.

Amazing neurocosmetics for all skin types

Our wide range of products is suitable for people with all skin types and phototypes from all over the world. You can easily match a set of cosmetics dedicated to various skin problems. Biocompatible with the needs of even the most demanding skin.

Arkana Product Lines

Woman Definition (4)

Unitone Neuro Therapy (2)

Treasure Collection (1)

Reti Fusion Vecti + Therapy (2)

Pure Skin Therapy (8)

PRP Like Therapy (3)

Peptide Pro Age Therapy (6)

Neuro Sensi Therapy (2)

Neuro GABA Therapy (2)

Lactobionic Neuro Therapy (4)

Hydrospheric Therapy (2)

Full Spectrum (3)

Eye Complex Care (4)

Derma CollAGE (3)

C Fusion Glow (1)

Body Architect Therapy (1)

Advanced Therapy (3)

Acne QS Hacker Therapy (7)

Acid Therapy (10)

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