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Arkana Body Architect Line

It was created as a luxurious rejuvenating, lifting, and lipolysis-like treatment for all body types. All the cosmetics in this line are based on the GABA neurotransmitter, which has tightening and smoothing properties to fight excess body fat and cellulite. The main active ingredients are Vecticell® Lipolysis and Vecticell® Capsaicin, which contain both capsaicin and caffeine – renowned for their fat-burning abilities. A visible firming and cellulite-reduction effect that’s guaranteed to meet every woman’s expectations!

  • Breast modelling
  • After professional microneedling treatments
  • During slimming treatments
  • Daily neck and cleavage care
  • Supplement for body slimming treatments
  • Local deposits of body fat, especially on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms
  • Cellulite at different stages
  • Loss of skin flexibility and firmness
  • Support during a weight-loss diet and fitness regime
  • After lipolysis and liposuction procedures
  • With the use of professional body shaping devices