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Full Spectrum Adapt Cream: Daily Shield Against UV, VIS & HEV Rays

Vitamin D3-like Receptor Support | Blue Light Protection | Ideal for Dry, Fatigued Skin | 50ml


Full Spectrum Protect Drops: Ultimate Shield for Blue Light Exposure

UV Protection, Hyaluronic Acid Hydration | Fights Aging & Environmental Stress | 30ml


Full Spectrum Vitamin Drops: Daily Elixir with Vitamin D3

Plant-Based Detox & Antioxidant Boost | Slows Ageing | Ideal for Dry, Tired Skin | 30ml


A multifaceted approach to combatting early signs of skin ageing!

Many factors – not only genetic ones – influence the appearance of our skin. Exposure
to UV, VIS, IR radiation, smog, heavy metals and other air pollutants, stress and even
the use of computers or smartphones can drastically accelerate skin ageing and
negatively affect the skin’s overall condition. The Arkana Full Spectrum product line
works effectively to tackle each of these factors! These cosmetics were created as the
basis of the original Arkana Full Spectrum treatment as well as compatible home

They eliminate and reverse the damaging effects of photoageing, glycation, oxidative
stress, digital ageing, and polluageing. This new holistic approach includes repairing
DNA damage, reducing the effect of free radicals on the skin, and creating a protective
barrier against environmental factors.

The active ingredients found in this line include: a biotechnology-derived extract of
pink algae IBR-SolAge™ (inhibits glycation and neutralises photoageing),
CityStem™ (eliminates the damaging effects of smog, toxins and heavy metals,
strengthening the skin’s protective barrier), plant-based Vitamin D3-like (stimulates
vitamin D receptors in the skin), and Vecticell ®AEC – a dermal A, E and C
supplementation (facilitates a high absorption of vitamins of up to 89%!). As a result,
the skin is brighter and its colour is improved. The ageing process slows down,

decreasing the number of deep wrinkles and furrows by 35% after 56 days. Instant
relief and a 26% redness reduction!

For even better results, use Full Spectrum products in combination with other Arkana
lines: C-Fusion Glow, Derma CollAge, Woman Definition or Reti Fusion Vecti+.

● All skin types and all ages
● Sun-damaged skin: discolouration, photodamage, sunspots
● Skin exposed to photoageing and digital ageing
● Red, irritated, sensitive skin
● Skin exposed to smog, air pollution and strong sunlight
● Dry and tired skin
● Visible signs of ageing: wrinkles, furrows, mimic lines, lack of elasticity
● City dwellers and those frequently exposed to a lot of screen time
● Skin that needs a vitamin boost and intense revitalisation
● Anti-ageing skincare