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Arkana Unitone Neuro Therapy Line

A professional line of neurocosmetics intended to treat all types of hyperpigmentation, such as post-inflammatory, hormonal, post-sun, and vascular discolouration. It is an entirely innovative approach towards the brightening of hyperpigmentation by affecting factors and receptors responsible for melanogenesis. All the products are dedicated to people who have an uneven skin tone – they’re also recommended after acid treatments, IPL, laser hair removal, wax hair removal, and shaving. Unitone Neuro Therapy cosmetics can be used throughout the entire year.

  • Body care after shaving, depilation, wax hair removal, or IPL
  • Irritated skin
  • Oedema and redness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin prone to hyperpigmentation (hormonal, post-inflammatory, post-sun, or vascular)
  • Atopic skin
  • Skin with disrupted microbiota
  • Adolescent acne and adult acne
  • Prophylaxis of changes after antibiotic treatments
  • After professional beauty facial therapies, including micro-needle mesotherapy, needle mesotherapy, dermoesthetic peels, or sonophoresis