Biocompatible formula ideal for all skin types

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Biocompatible formula ideal for all skin types. Regulates the level of NMF, restores pH, increases absorption of active substances, odorless formula

pH adjustment during the treatment and after removing make-up
preparation for masks, creams and serums
moisturising eye compresses
daily home care

3% of active substances: 12 amino acids,
Citystem™, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid,
panthenol, vegetable glycerin


200 ml

About Pure Skin Therapy:

Pure Skin Therapy is a set of specialistic dermocosmetics intended for cleansing of the skin and make-up removal at the beauty salon and home. They were created to meet the requirements of all skin types – even problematic and particularly sensitive ones. The products precisely clean, regulate pH, remove dead skin cells and increase the penetration of active substances. At the same time they do not affect the natural hydrolipid barrier of the skin. The Amino creams complete the series Detox Therapy, which take care of the skin during the day and at night, thanks to properly selected ones components. The enrichment of products with Citystem™ offers thorough removal of residual impurities present in urban smog, strengthening the protective barrier of the skin and protecting it against the harmful solid particles (particulate matter). Energen ™ aims to energize the skin, firm it, revitalize it as well increase the level of cellular energy. Pure Skin series facilitate the removal of toxins and other impurities from the surface and deeper layers of the skin, and also reduce the negative effects of harmful HEV, VIS and UV radiation. At the same time it improves the barrier functions of the skin. The addition of hyaluronic acid and omega 3 and 6 acids supplements the deficiencies of these skin important ingredients. The skin is moisturised and delicate.