Neuro serum for the eye area

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Neuro serum for the eye area

Feel the instant lift and smoothing of wrinkles

Advanced neuroserum ensures deep penetration of active ingredients – glycopeptides from goji fruit and GABA acid. It causes quick muscle relaxation and an instant effect of shallow wrinkles and softening facial features, giving them a youthful and rested look. It guarantees a long-term lifting effect. The advantages of the serum are the use of an eco-certified preservative dedicated to the eye area and an efficient consistency.


Every morning and evening on cleansed skin around the eyes.


About Eye Complex Care

The task of Eye Complex Care is comprehensive care at all levels of the skin around the eyes. Arkana uses the synergy of 10 precisely selected active substances and their hybrid combination at home care and beauty
salon. The line responds to 6 major problems related to the eye area: wrinkles around the eyes, drooping eyelid, loss of flexibility, deepened “valley of tears”, dark circles and bruises under the eyes, and proneness to aedema
and bags. A global approach to all the problems is ensured by the selection of revolutionary ingredients and new treatment programmes with a broad and innovative effect.

»deepened “tear valley”
»dark circles and bruises
»proneness to aedema and under
eye puffiness
»thin and inflexible skin
»drooping lid
»stressful lifestyle
»work at the computer


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