Moisturizing and cleansing gel for any complexion type.

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Moisturising gel cleanser for every skin type. Micellar formula facilitates makeup removal and skin cleansing without compromising the skin’s protective barrier. Particularly recommended for skin undergoing acid facial treatments.

5% of active substances: lactobionic acid, glucam, glycerol, olivem 300.



About Lactobionic Therapy

Lactobionic Therapy is an exceptional line of dermocosmetic preparations with high concentration of 5%, 10% and 15% lactobionic acid. It combines the advantages of safe exfoliation with moisturizing, regenerating
and soothing effect. It is dedicated for sensitive skin, capillary skin, skin irritated by esthetic treatments and after dermatological treatments.

»dry and dehydrated skin
»mature skin with wrinkles
»sensitive skin,deeply vascularized skin
»seborrheic dermatitis
»application after chemical peels
»after microdermabrasion and laser therapy
»during and after acid treatments
»after treatments with retinoids or steroids


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