Remodeling mask with the effect of plasma – lift.

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Remodeling sheet mask with plasma – lift effect. The special formula and a combination of ingredients such as: GHK-Cu peptide, hyaluronic acid and diamond dust perfectly “imitating” human skin and thus helping the mask adhere perfectly to the skin and its ingredients penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Recommended application once a week after PRP Elixir application.


-skin requiring immediate regeneration
-skin with symptoms of aging (varying degrees of intensity)
-loss of skin cell density
-therapy maintaining the effects of dermal aesthetic treatments
-prevention of aging effects

9% of active substances: GHK-Cu, hyaluronic acid, diamond dust



About PRP Therapy

Inspired by regenerative medicine, the PRP therapy with the plasma-lift effect constitutes a non-invasive alternative to platelet rich plasma procedures. It is based on the activity of W3 Peptide and the GHK-Cu peptide,
which remodel skin and restore its youth. It is a shock therapy for complex rejuvenation of mature skin with photoageing applied as a part of anti-ageing prevention or after invasive procedures requiring accelerated

»skin requiring fast and total regeneration
»with ageing symptoms of various levels of intensification together
»with skin density loss
»PRP-like procedures
»therapies preserving effects of dermoaesthetic procedures
»trichological therapies
»anti-ageing prevention