Day cream with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E and C

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Day cream with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E and C

Choose a day cream that rejuvenates and protects against photo-aging thanks to the SPF15 filter

This rich cream is a targeted rejuvenating treatment ensuring gradual and long-term transport of retinol and vitamins directly to skin cells. Active retinol – Vecticell® Retinol increases the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, reduces the production of tyrosinase and melanin, reduces wrinkles and increases the density of the skin. The complex of stable and active Vecticell® AEC vitamins enclosed in a vector carrier has strong antioxidant properties, protects against photo-aging and stimulates regenerative processes. Ferulic acid at a concentration of 3% neutralizes free radicals, protects the skin against UVB radiation, and also strengthens the effect of vitamin C.


Every day for the day in the care of anti-aging, mature skin and as a preparation and strengthening of the effects of the Reti Fusion® Vecti⁺ Peel dermoesthetic treatment.



About Reti Vecti Therapy

When creating Reti Fusion® Vecti+ Therapy ARKANA used an innovative concept of fusion of retinol with vitamins and skin cells. It became possible thanks to the application of modern biotechnological solutions –
Vecticell® vector carriers. Their nanosize and structure similar to the structure of skin cells allow retinol and vitamins A, E and C to be transported to the layers of the epidermis and dermis. The fusion of a cell with a
carrier enables gradual release of active substances directly to the cells for many hours, which increases their absorption by 89%. For home care it provides an innovative approach to the use of retinol in the form of a day product
and specialist intense night product.

»mature skin
»anti-aging prevention
»first signs of aging



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