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Arkana PRP Therapy Line

The line is based on the activity of W3 Peptide and the GHK-Cu peptide, which remodel the skin – restoring its youthful look – and stimulate rejuvenation processes. The PRP therapy treatment is a perfect combination of products dedicated to mature skin with photo-ageing or skin with first mimic wrinkles, facial lines, and density loss. They can also be applied as a part of an anti-ageing prevention skin care routine, or after invasive procedures requiring accelerated regeneration. This is a non-invasive alternative to professional Platelet Rich Plasma procedures in beauty clinics that delivers a strong plasma-lift effect.

  • Anyone who wants to achieve a youthful, healthy look
  • Skin requiring fast and intensive regeneration
  • For use between botox injections (to prolong the effects and delay the next procedure)
  • Skin density loss
  • Anti-ageing prevention
  • Reinforcement of dermo-aesthetic procedures
  • Symptoms of ageing (wrinkles, fine lines – varying degrees of intensity)
  • Mimic wrinkles
  • Symptoms of ageing
  • For use as part of a skin care routine to maintain the effects of professional dermo-aesthetic procedures